User Interface Design

User interface engineering is designing user interface that the machine understands and software, applications, mobile devices with a goal for maximizing usability and the user journey mapping. The main focus is on building the information architecture for the end product. With our expertise in user interface development, the end user’s interaction should be as simple and efficient as possible in terms of accomplishing the user goals. Some of the key parameters of the user interface design are as follows:

  • GUIs: Graphical User Interface Design where in the users interact with visual representations on the device
  • User and Task Analysis: Mapping the user requirements based on the user journey and the end result including what the user achieved
  • Information Architecture: Flow of the system while developing process and information
  • Inspecting Usability: To evaluate the process and the prototypes for system specifications of the system
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and end user satisfaction can be clearly measured by the extent to which the intended goals of use of the overall system are achieved